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Impacted Individuals & Business Registration

If you or any of your family members suffered from any financial damages as a result of the COVID-19, you can now apply for our financial support for Essential Services. We are committed to supporting you and your family members due to the unexpected financial crises either by the reason of losing an employment position or had to close your small or medium business. By registering, you will be able to receive immediate financial support of an amount of $ 300.00. Greggii is expecting to see a great increase in the available financial support for every registered impacted person or a local business owner.
Mina Ghabryal
CEO of Greggii Canada Inc.

Local Business Owners

If you are a local business owner and would like to receive our great support to our local business community. Please complete the registration form and include all business information. We will be pleased to provide you and your local business with our support. Our goal is to push as much business and funds to every single registered local business owner. Your registration will result in a direct positive financial support to you and your business. We also welcome the registration of the Essential Services providers who are making their services available during this tough period of time.
Mina Ghabryal
CEO of Greggii Canada Inc.

Common Questions

How many applications will be granted under the Impacted Program?

Due to the unexpected outcome of COVID 19 crises and the rapid change of its impact, we are working with all other parties to increase the available number of applications for the Impacted Program to accept as many Impacted Individuals and Impacted Business Owners as possible. Once the available financial support program resources are exhausted, we will post a notice on our website and platform.

Can I register at any time? 

No, the availability of the financial support program is determined by a number of factors and at some point, we may not be able to accommodate more registrations.  

Can a business owner register under Impacted Business and Local Business Program?

Yes, but the registered entity cannot transfer any right or obligation to any of the programs. The registered entity will be required to comply with the terms and conditions of each program. 

Can I register for my children or dependents to receive their financial support under the Impacted Individuals?

Yes, you can by including in your registration the number and ages of your dependents including their initials (first and last name). We are aware and intended to benefit all impacted persons without discrimination against any person including, but not limited to, age, gender, ethnic group, color marital, or legal status.  

Is there an expiration date for the financial support program?

No, due to the uncertainty of the COVID 19 impact on our economy, there is no expiration for our financial support program.  

Can I use financial support outside the program?

No, the funds available for the registered parties are generated based on the act of generosity and mutual contribution of our strategic service providers and us. However, we are working tirelessly to expand your benefits at the earliest possible. 

COVID-19 Negative Impact

COVID-19 has unprecedented impacts on millions if not billions of humans. Importantly, the laid-off employees as well as small and medium business owners who found themselves in very difficult positions no one anticipated or foreseen it. The current COVID-19 has also tremendously impacted our global economy which will result in long-term financial crises for governments, employers, and employees.

In the USA there are nearly 67 million employees are expected to be laid off. In Canada there are nearly 3 million persons are subject to the risk of being laid off. We confidently can apply the same expectation to all other countries or governments.

The unpredictable unemployment rate and expected bankruptcy of millions of global citizens will result in long-term financial crises that expected to last at least five years. Unfortunately, all additional efforts from the governments will not be sufficient to contain the financial crises, and most likely will not be able to sustain the personal needs of all individuals who lost their jobs as a result of this pandemic.

As a result of such, there are a number of business owners and laid-off employees who might find themselves before one option only, filing bankruptcy. At the same time, there are millions of individuals who might also file personal bankruptcy as a result of their inability to cover all of their personal expenses as well as their personal liability such as mortgages.

We strongly believe that the expedited way to recover from this financial crisis is by creating complete cooperation among the international community, independent government efforts, and professional efforts. The cooperation will result in assisting in providing financial support immediately to the families who cannot carry their obligation during the predicted period of recovery.

Greggii in co-operation with a number of Essential Services providers who are committed to making their services available to all negatively impacted business owners and laid off employees as a way of our contribution during this pandemic. We are working actively to develop an immediate resolution to all negatively impacted individuals and business owners. Our social media account will be utilized for regular expedited updates.

Free Emergency Wills for Doctors, Nurses & Hospital Workers

COVID19-Impact is delighted to provide an Emergency Will legal services to our front-line fighters, doctors, nurses, and hospital workers in the Province of Ontario, Canada, at no legal cost. Our front-line fighters expose themselves and their lives on a daily basis in fighting COVID 19. Many of the medical practitioners lost their lives and left family members behind in order to protect our wellbeing.

Greggii and Ghabryal Law Professional Corporation arranged to provide our front-line fighters with Emergency Wills by Ghabryal Law Professional Corporation.

If you are one of our front-line fighters, Doctors, nurses, or a hospital worker who works on  and you do not have a Will or need to update your Will, please register here and one of our representatives will contact you.


Mina Ghabryal

CEO of Greggii Canada Inc.

Ghabryal graduated from the Faculty of Education, Helwan University. Ghabryal worked as a Plastic Artist from 2001-2007. In 2008 Ghabryal decided to change his career to become a lawyer.


Ghabryal is a qualified Canadian lawyer and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. He earned his Juris Doctor (“J.D.”) degree from the University of Western Michigan, Thomas. M. Cooley Law School with Honors.  Ghabryal is the founder of his Ghabryal Law Professional Corporation and Greggii Canada Inc.


In 2014, Ghabryal relocated to the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) to obtain his international legal experience and conducted a number of legal researches in UAE commercial law, including the pros and cons of establishing corporations under the free zones jurisdictions in the UAE. Furthermore, Ghabryal worked at a multinational corporation as a regional legal adviser and consultant on legal matters for the MENA Region. He managed the legal operation and legal contracts in 12 countries.

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We are aware of the uncertainty of the duration of this pandemic. Our financial support contributed to your account in order to obtain the essential services have no expiration.

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