Free Emergency Wills For Health Care Providers in Ontario

You can apply for the Free Emergency Wills program ONLY if you are one of our front-line fighters, doctors, nurses or a hospital worker in Ontario, Canada (must be working on hospital premises, but some exceptions might be considered) and you do not have a Will or need to update your Will.

I undertake to confirm my profession and employment at the hospital in the Province of Ontario, Canada
I undertake to provide two governmental IDs and professional IDs confirming my employment at the hospital.
Under the Search Results Rules of Professional Conduct of the LSO, Ghabryal Law Professional Corporation may not be able and refuse to act in drafting your Emergency Will. Ghabryal Law Professional Corporation will check only your Legal name and your spouse's legal name to check if there is any conflict may arise from drafting your Emergency Will.
We recommend reviewing your Emergency Will upon containing COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that all of your intentions are covered in your Will.
Please include your legal name as stated in your governmental ID (driving license,, passport, etc)
Please provide your email address so we can contact you to discuss the details of your will.
Please provide your phone number so we can contact you to discuss the details of your will.
Unit Number - Street Number - Street Name
The Name of Your City
Please provide your us with your spouse's name, if any. The purpose of collecting this information is to check if we have any conflict in drafting your Emergency Will.
It can be only your spouse, a single family member, or multiple family members or friends.
If the first beneficiaries are not alive at the time of your death, to whom do you want to distribute your assets and in which percentage.
A Trustee and Executor are very similar. Both of them have the duty of absolute care to the beneficiaries named in your wills. The Trustee is responsible for managing the assets of the beneficiaries. The Executor is responsible for liquidating the assets left for the beneficiaries.
List the name of the Guardians to be the Guardian for your minor children. The Guardian is an adult person who will be responsible to take care of your minor child or dependent at the time of your death, usually, the other parent unless the other parent died, prohibited, or unable to act as a guardian.
Please write any specific or additional instructions that you want to include in your Emergency Will