Mina Ghabryal

CEO of Greggii Canada Inc.


Ghabryal graduated from the Faculty of Education, Helwan University. Ghabryal worked as a plastic Artist from 2001-2007. In 2008 Ghabryal decided to change his career to become a lawyer.

Ghabryal is a qualified Canadian lawyer and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. He earned his Juris Doctor (“J.D.”) degree from the University of Western Michigan, Thomas. M. Cooley Law School with Honors.  Ghabryal is the founder of his Ghabryal Law Professional Corporation and Greggii Canada Inc.

In 2014, Ghabryal relocated to the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) to obtain his international legal experience and conducted a number of legal researches in UAE commercial law, including the pros and cons of establishing corporations under the free zones jurisdictions in the UAE. Furthermore, Ghabryal worked at a multinational corporation as a regional legal adviser and consultant on legal matters for the MENA Region. He managed the legal operation and legal contracts in 12 countries.

Ghabryal indicated and predicted in his legal researches a number of legal and economic impacts as a result of the commercial law in the UAE.

Ghabryal has been deeply involved in the global economic impact on the small and medium business owners since 2007 and understands the tremendous impact of the COVID-19 on all business owners and employees worldwide.

During COVID-19, the legal office of Ghabryal has received a number of calls from individuals who lost their employments and require immediate legal services such as, but not limited to, drafting Wills and Real Estate Transactions. However, the main challenge was the lack of financial support and resources to pay for the essential legal services.

Due to COVID-19 Ghabryal has modified his small and medium business strategies and implemented long-term positive impact strategies in order to reduce the financial stress on every individual who has lost his/her employment position or had to close his/her small or medium business. The long-term positive impact strategies ensure in providing immediately each impacted person by COVID-19 with at least $ 250.00 of values which certainly will result in the reduction of the expenses of each individual in addition to the unlimited opportunities for all impacted persons which to be developed shortly.

If you or any of your family members negatively impacted by COVID-19 you can register by clicking on the COVID-19 Negative Impact Registration and you will be entitled to receive the financial relief program under Greggii immediately.

Ghabryal is intending to host a conference in the near future in order to address how Greggii is planning to help all impacted individuals and business owners worldwide during these unprecedented circumstances.  

We drove by our hearts, talents, and passion. 

Let’s create a POSITIVE IMPACT!